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North Star Consulting (NSC) is a trusted partner for nonresidential customers in California, providing expert guidance and solutions for their energy supply needs. With decades of experience in the complex energy market, we help businesses navigate the options of natural gas, electricity, solar, and energy storage. Our transparent fees, deep market knowledge, and honest appraisal of your situation set us apart.

About Us

Navigating the Complex World of Energy Supply

We have decades of experience navigating the complex world of energy supply (natural gas, electricity, solar, energy storage) markets and regulations for our clients.

What We Do

What Sets Us Apart

At NSC, we offer transparent fees and have no conflicts of interest. With decades of experience, we have deep market and regulatory knowledge to provide an honest appraisal of your energy situation.

Transparent fees

No conflicts of interest

Deep market and regulatory knowledge

Honest appraisal of your situation

Benefits of NCS

Find the Best Energy Deal for You

Get the best available deal for your particular situation, including “no deal” if that turns out best

Services We Provide

Efficient Energy Supply Solutions for Your Business

We analyze your current consumption profile and purchasing options to find the best energy supply solution for your needs. Our experienced team conducts competitive procurement to ensure you get the most cost-effective and reliable energy supply.

Energy Consumption

Competitive Procurement Strategy


Energy Solutions for Every Business

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